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The Brandery was created in 2021 to distribute our Outdoor Sports and Survival Brands collectively under one family umbrella.

Making it easier for our retail partners to order simply and efficiently in one place.

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Brand Creation

At The Brandery we are creating Brands and products for the Future.

Someone once said "does the world really need anpther sock brand?"

Yes it does and here it is!

Choice of quality and something different is important.

Feeet - Ussen - Kactus

Feeet Outdoor Sports Socks
Made from the best Yarns to high standards in Portugal.
Ussen logo square.jpg
Ussen are manufacturers of Genuine Survival Thermal Underwear, Amongst other things.
KACTUS square.jpg
Kactus is our latest brand, Cat 3 UV400 Lenses in cool designed frames. Ideal for all Types of Sports.
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